50 years are accomplished only once. They are a great goal and there are those who think that it should be celebrated properly. Like this Italian business man who wanted to celebrate for a whole weekend surrounded by family and friends in Tuscany, his homeland.

We had the pleasure of organizing a three-day celebration for him that would in a sense retrace his life between Tuscany and the years he spent in America on business.

On the first evening, in the suggestive village of Ferragamo, we designed and organized a classic Italian “sagra”. An evening reminiscent of summer evenings with good food and good wine, pasta served in the form of Parmesan and a table full of alla kinds of mozzarella and tomatoes All this to the rhythm of Jazz music with a live band that made the guests dance like the orchestras in the squares of summer villages.

On the second day, in preparation for the actual evening party, guests relaxed by the pool for an Italian lunch “Pizza and ice cream”. And here we are immediately at the heart of the entire weekend: Saturday night, the birthday. A tropical theme party, with colors, candles and a fantastic band coming from London for the occasion to entertain everyone present.

As we said, wanting to touch all the places of his life, the last day the celebrations continued and ended at the home of the Businessman. Here we have organized an American barbecue themed Yankee. We could not miss red, blue and white sunglasses, balloons and flags of the country in which the Businessman spent several years of his life and thus ended an unforgettable weekend for an equally unforgettable goal. The parties serve this purpose: to create beautiful memories.