03 Febbraio 2023

About Us

Entrusting us means finding high-profile technical and organizational expertise, together with innovative creations, great service and full assistance during the entire process, with always quick replies to your queries.

We ensure unceasing presence and capacity to supervise the entire event to make you feel fully supported.

Our events highlight the quality of the wines and food we serve to our guests. We spent years in training and researching, to offer a knowledgeable support to our clients in choosing menus and wines. We can assist our clients also with Kosher, Indian, and halal menus and offer tasty alternatives for guests with allergies.

We want our guests to always feel welcomed!
Sara Mazzei Events Creation design, plan and produce luxury events
organization and planning of luxurious events
"When I was a young girl, my mother used to ask me whether I wanted a gift or a party for my birthday and my choice was always a party! I have always been partial to birthdays; they mark the past and are always a new beginning. Before the candles waiting to be blown, birthdays bring us back to when we were children. People who celebrate their 50th or 60th birthday typically honor the crowning of a successful career to be shared with family and friends. And then, there are the surprise birthday parties, the most stimulating despite being more complex, parties in which everyone feels free to express themselves. Weddings have a format we must comply with, the ceremony followed by cocktails and dinner. Birthday parties instead are free, with no limitations or expectations, allowing our creativity to roam freely" Sara Mazzei


Luxury event planner Sara Mazzei Sara Mazzei – CEO and Creative Director
Luxury event planner Silvia Piazzini Silvia Piazzini – Senior Wedding Planner and Producer
Luxury event planner Sandra Celoni Sandra Celoni – Senior Wedding Planner and Producer
Sabrina Palloni - Senior Wedding Planner
Eleonora Gennai – Graphic Designer
Graziella Curto – Administration Manager
Sabina Mancini - Junior Wedding Planner

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