12 Aprile 2024
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We design, plan and produce luxury events and weddings in Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain

Organization of private luxury events
Since 2006, Sara Mazzei Event Creation has organized luxury private events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate events in Switzerland, Italy, France, Marrakech and Ibiza, Spain.
In its two headquarters in Florence and Zürich, SM Event Creation welcomes international clients who wish to organize luxury events with special attention to fun and entertainment.

The experienced team of event planners and designers flanking Sara Mazzei in carrying out these projects will amaze you with dedication, attention to your needs and creativity.
Luxury corporate events in Switzerland
Ceremony on Lake Garda
"When asked what inspires me in creating my events, I always reply that I love parties and having fun. So, when I plan an event I always picture myself as a guest. What could make me feel welcomed and taken care of? And that’s when my fantasy takes off: I start planning the lights, the music, the set up and then the food and the drinks. The guests’ experience is crucial to me; I always try to charm them. We all have an inner child that can be amazed and excited. I always make sure this hidden part we hide inside is encouraged to emerge. I also try to convey to my collaborators the sense of roundedness an event must have: in other words, the fullness, harmony and completeness that emerges when the setup is rich and enhanced by the lighting. This roundedness can be described as a continual flow: these are the events we love to plan, always flowing, never stagnant, with a great sense of rhythm. The attention to the cadence any event is our signature; each moment of an event, be it a wedding, a birthday party or an inauguration, must never be too dragging and long" Sara Mazzei

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Luxury events weddings Switzerland

How we organize luxury events and weddings

"I strongly believe that a great project must be good not only on paper. A beautiful setup must be backed by great guest hospitality, wines served at the perfect temperature, impeccable table service and faultless timing. Social medias have led us to overrating decorations and setup, while a great event is mostly an act of hospitable welcoming. My event may have lovely flowers, but unless it is backed by music at the right volume or adequate temperature of the spaces, it will never be a great event. Events like the ones we create at SM Event Creation involve increasing research of materials, setup ideas, scouting for new bands, as well as the technology needed to support the events both in the organization and in the setup. In particular, when it comes to corporate events, we have developed futuristic setups always sustainable and environmentally friendly. The projects we design always start from listening to our clients and having a clear idea of what is celebrated. If, for instance, we want to plan the inauguration of the new factory of a shoe company, we want to learn the history of the company, what the new factory represents and what message the party must convey. Only understanding the company mission and their future projects can we create an event that will complement the company in its future path. A corporate event is part of the communication strategy of the company"
Sara Mazzei

SM Event Creation has its own office in Zürich and thanks to our knowledge and experience here we can help you to organize your weddings and events in Switzerland. Switzerland means high level of hospitality, charme, elegance, exclusiveness, snow and beautiful sun, lake and mountains. Switzerland is one of a kind.

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Event for a company in Italy with round tables
Sara Mazzei Event Creation designs, plans and produces corporate events in Switzerland and in Italy: meeting, conventions, Christmas parties, factory inaugurations, presentation and launches of new products.
We has the pleasure to help many companies: banks, restaurants chains, italian shoes factories, utilities company and with all of them we built a strong relationship.

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