29 Maggio 2024

Corporate events

The notion of corporate events covers a wide variety of occasions: meetings, Christmas parties, factory inaugurations, presentation of new products and we could go on describing anything a company can celebrate.
In the last few years, I have helped several companies of all typologies and backgrounds in organizing events of various kinds, but mainly, each company was planning events that would convey their values. Either through a dinner with their employees, or their best clients, or strategic suppliers, but always with the aim of reminding, reaffirming and reinforcing their identity.

This has always been the greater inspiration for the organization of the event: the identity of a company, its vision and its mission are its true worth, the reason why customers will buy a product instead of another one, the reason why one would want to work for that company.

In short, this leads to another key word: values.

For someone like myself, who organizes corporate events, the clearness of this notion is crucial. This is why I spend time in learning the story of the entrepreneur and of the company, asking them to tell me about their early steps, their initial dream, the hardship and their future dreams. Only thus can an event become a sort of extension of the life of the company, and not something alien. It takes time, dedication and curiosity, which for me are a great source of inspiration and motivation.

Through the years, I was lucky enough to work for renowned companies as well as lesser-known brands, all representing a worthy productive fabric.

The event we have planned have always featured great “roundness”; this is a term I often use with my collaborators. In an event, I seek the balance of great service, beautiful lighting, adequate setting, amazing food, and all the attention to ensure that the guests are pampered from the first moment, such as transfers or easy parking. Guests must perceive that for us, events are all about hospitality, and the setting is simply the frame.
Our followers perceive in our events an attention for naturalness and authenticity. We always try to integrate the event in the respect for the environment where we are and in the enhancement of the venue that is hosting us.
I could speak for hours of the anecdotes and situations we have experienced through the years with my collaborators, or list the artists, bands, settings, designs and projects we have developed specially for each event. I will let the photos and videos describe all that, as they are the best means to speak about what we can do for your company.

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