29 Maggio 2024

Corporate event in Rome

We organized an event in Rome for a utility company, creating and designing the event so that the theme of the night would be in line with the project of the company to merge smaller companies existing in the area into a larger one. A fantastic event with a 3 Michelin star chef.

Planning a corporate event - what we did

We worked with their communication agency, which had developed a theme of merging colored circles. We outlined the theme creating an evening where the lights and set up mirrored this theme. Each round table was decorated with spheres that changed color during the evening. From the menus to the labels at the coatroom, everything was round colored circles corresponding to the various companies.
The foundation of the evening was green and sustainability and the spheres on the round tables rested on a real lawn grass.

In our corporate events, SM Event Creation always follows the guideline of environmentally friendly innovation and creativity.

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Corporate event dinner with 3 Michelin star chef
The dinner was simply amazing, organized with the famous chef Chicco Cerea of the restaurant Da Vittorio, 3 Michelin stars. The company wanted to offer the best to their employees and it did it! It has been a proper dinner-show with important and famous artists, the Street Clarks as band, but mainly a nice and involving atmosphere that gave to the management the possibility to communicate how much it has been important for them the decision to merge the smaller companies and how much the employees are important for the group.
What made the event very special is that all the them has been developed based on the colors of the different companies and also the menu followed this theme with each course based on a specific color.

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