21 Ottobre 2021


“Planning and designing weddings and events is always a question of balancing our clients desires and our ability to suggest innovative solutions. After all these years and all the events we have created, I feel free to suggest solutions that initially may seem like too much, but that I consider suitable to the path we walk with our clients. I believe our clients want exactly this from us; they want to be led further ahead, off the beaten track, to explore new boundaries. We help them understand that our ideas spring out of them, of their personal or professional history. We are able to see the potential and express it in the event. And at the end of the day, the guests recognize our clients in those event, which is exactly our goal”

Three day party for a unique 50th birthday

Corporate event in Rome

Jungle Themed Luxury Wedding

New opening party - luxury shoes factory

Birthday party in the South of France

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