17 Giugno 2024

Birthday party - South of France

The sweetest woman with a wonderful family and a celebration of 60 years of life in a beautiful seaside restaurant on the Cote d’Azur: this is all the information I had when we met at our first appointment in Monaco.
Nevertheless, it was all I needed to know that this would be an birthday party resonating with my line, where the beauty of the location matched the wish to create something lovely but substantial at the same time, featuring the guests and not the show.

La Vigie is a small restaurant perched on the cape with a breathtaking view of Monaco and the bay. Its décor made of bamboo, plants and footpaths fully respects the environment and offers great privacy with its innumerable hidden corners.
The tree-lined driveway inspired by the Mediterranean coast pathways leads to a terrace opening on three sides. We planned to enhance what the terrace already offered without revolutionizing it, so we decided for a Tropical theme using abundant greenery to decorate the table, to create an embracing frame.
We wanted the table to look as seen through an opening onto the tropical jungle. A peacock-clad violinist, an acrobat with a white bird costume dancing inside a golden cage, Alessandro Ristori & i Portofino’s entertaining the guests after the dinner, a dessert buffet, and the carefully detailed lighting to enhance the venue, at the same time allowing the beauty of nighttime Monaco to outstand.
We studied the invitations with Betty Soldi, a calligraphist who has turned the notion of calligraphy upside down; she also designed the printed menus.

We selected the playlist for the arrival of the guests and the dinner, and carefully designed the details of the table setting. Most of all, we wanted to offer the guests who were already familiar with La Vigie a new vision and a surprise sunset effect.

I could spend hours telling the amazing work our team carried out, moving in all the equipment in just two hours in respectful silence during the night to avoid disturbing the guests in the nearby hotel in this beautiful area of the south f France, and then dismounting everything in the same amount of time. Our strength lies just in our creativity and organizational skills that allows us to create events in conditions that are sometimes quite challenging. Definitely a great team!

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