24 Aprile 2024

Wedding in Montecarlo

To tell the story of how this wedding has been organized at Villa La Vigie, I could start from the beginning, as one would if this were a feuilletton. Instead, I would like to start from the end of the thirteen days it took to assemble and dismantle the boho wedding the bride so longed for.

Perched on the small promontory overlooking the wonderful French Riviera and Montecarlo, Villa La Vigie is located just outside the Principality of Monaco. The villa is unique for its unobtrusiveness, as well as for its style and position. It is perfect venue to get married in Montecarlo.

We had inspected the villa in February to assess the use of the grounds for the ceremony and the dinner reception for this wedding in Montecarlo. Undoubtedly, the perfect villa for our discreet, sweet bride. From the beginning, it was obvious that most of the work would be concentrated on the logistics, since to reach the villa both the suppliers and the guests would need to hike up the narrow uphill pathway.

A challenging project that needed careful studying.

We started from the term our bride had used during our first meeting, boho. And from there, we turned this neoclassical villa into an enchanted garden that would welcome and embrace the guests, making sure the decoration and the set up looked like an integral part of the villa.

We occupied all the spaces available at Villa La Vigie: the parking space became the area where the guests were welcomed and offered drinks; the garden was turned into the ceremony site, while the terrace became a greenhouse where the wedding reception took place and the inside hall was the dance floor.

We always kept in mind the need to give a level of continuity and fullness that would accompany the guests throughout the event.

The project was especially gratifying, both personally and professionally: I had already worked with this family, when I had organized a birthday party for them. The fact that they trusted me for such an important wedding made me feel even more responsible.

Behind it all, there has been an enormous workflow planning with all the suppliers and the personnel, with very little time and even less space. The schedule had been carefully studied by the minute.

Of the several details that I will never forget, some are simply unique, such as the aisle we created for the bride to walk down, reproducing the effect of a stone and grass pathway; the set up at the arrival, with a central wooden bar and large plants that transformed the former parking area into a space perfectly integrated with the Mediterranean brush that surrounds the villa.

Our goal was to create a sense of wellbeing for our guests, both in the use of the grounds and the service, always without ever becoming exaggerated and extreme….this is our sense of luxury.

I believe that more than my words, these photos will convey the sense of fullness and balance that features our events.

Getting married in Montecarlo is a dream and we can help you thanks to our long experience with Montecarlo weddings.

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