24 Aprile 2024

Jungle themed luxury wedding

I often comment that what I love most about my job is the chance to guide my couples to see and imagine beyond the usual and I believe this wedding was the emblem of my mission.

A marriage that looks beyond

A couple from Shanghai was looking for an amazing castle to organize their wedding with 50 guests.
This lovely castle perched on a hill overlooking Florence allowed us to plan a romantic outdoor ceremony and the cocktails in the garden. The triumph of romanticism with dust pink roses and the softest setup for the ceremony directed the guests to the stairs that led to the castle courtyard, decorated like a jungle.

The wow effect was complemented by the voice of a tenor accompanied by a violin. The roofless courtyard was decorated with hanging plants creating a slit that showed the mirror table set diagonally in the space, a dramatic effect with plants instead of curtains.

And then, flying parrots, bright red and fuchsia tropical flowers and silver decorations. We helped this young couple reinterpret a medieval castle, with a daytime romantic ceremony and an unusual setup for the evening that balanced the medieval atmosphere ideally.

What looked like an abandoned castle magically created this beautiful dinner table; but after all, castles are the perfect setting for magical stories!

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