24 Luglio 2024

Three day party for a unique 50th birthday

50 years are accomplishes only once. They are a great goal and there are those who think that it should be celebrated properly. Like this business man who wanted to celebrate for a whole weekend surrounded by family and friends.

A birthday celebrated properly

For the first night we organized a party with “market style” with excellent food and wine with guests enjoying the food stations. All this with the rhythm of a Jazz band.

On the second day, the proper birthday party guests relaxed along the pool during the day and we organize a light lunch with “Pizza and icecream”. And on Saturday night, the big birthday party...a tropical themed party with colors, candles, an original table setting, a superband from London and all the guests dancing all night long.

50th birthday especially for a man means a special celebration of his career and entire life. For this reason he wanted to remember his American experience with a Yankee themed party where we could not miss red, blue and white sunglasses, balloons and flags. This is what we are able to design and organize: experiences and memories.

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