24 Aprile 2024

New opening party - luxury shoes factory

With this event, the company left its mark, highlighting its identity rooted in the area, but open to a world that in the future will require the wise combination of technology and nature.

An event that leaves its mark

In May last year I received a message from a chef, a friend we often work with. He told me that a client of his, owner of a renowned company producing luxury shoes, wanted to organize a party to display the future developments of his company to investors, clients, suppliers and collaborators.

I scheduled a meeting with the board of directors to have a better idea of their history, their mission and what they planned to convey with the event. Producing the most exclusive sneakers in the world means matching local crafts with an international vision, combining the locality with endless horizons in an uninterrupted balance between dreams and reality, in a world that changes and opens to sustainability and the environment.

We prepared several projects, among which our plan to turn the factory into a greenhouse filled with plants, only plants and no cut flowers. The guests were welcomed in the warehouse, where a bar was set up around a century-old olive tree that was transported from the nursery with a special crane. The lighting did the rest. The olive tree, a symbol of peace, was placed in the center of the workplace that for one evening welcomed the most important guests. Then the doors opened onto the factory to welcome the 200 guests; two long tables set up between the production lines were decorated with bonsai olive trees, rosemary and sage pots, and surrounded by 5-meter tall oaks and other plants to create a flowing setting.

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