24 Aprile 2024

Andalusian Moorish style Party in Seville, Spain

When magic accompanies the creativity and outstanding organization of great professionals, the perfect Party comes to life! Thus, an enchanting Andalusian-Moorish celebration unfolds, with international guests, organized within the largest private palace in Seville, Spain - Casa de Pilatos - one of the most beautiful noble houses in the city, dating back to the 15th century and declared a national monument since 1931. You will be enchanted by its artistic and architectural beauty, the vibrant colors of the azulejos, contrasting with the finely decorated white marble featuring Moorish-style motifs. A unique spectacle, second only to the magnificence of the Alcazar, the royal palace of Seville, Spain.
According to tradition, it was an eclectic Renaissance nobleman who gave the name “Casa de Pilatos” to the palace upon his return from a journey to Jerusalem.

He discovered that the distance between his house and the Cruz Campo church was equal to the distance between the remains of Pontius Pilate's house and Calvary in Jerusalem. He also created a “Via Crucis” - Way of the Cross - for the city, with his house as the first station.

This marvelous palace in Seville, Spain, wonderfully embodies Andalusian architectural art, blending Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Neo-Romantic styles.
The intricately carved wooden parts in Mudejar style with various colors are magnificent, as the extraordinary “azulejos Cuenca”, blue and green mosaics that cover the palace walls with 150 different designs, representing the largest collection of azulejos in the world.

In this sensational palace, we designed an Andalusian-Moorish style party for our international clients, an incredible journey through history.
Respecting the themed dress code, guests seamlessly immersed themselves in the exotic atmosphere of Casa de Pilatos in Seville, Spain.

We welcomed the guests with staff dressed in fez and tunics, we adorned the patio with buffet and Berber-style tents, using fabrics reminiscent of Andalusian-Moorish design.

From the patio, we entered the main courtyard, offering international guests a feast of Spanish specialties, including paella and fish prepared in various Andalusian recipes.
We meticulously curated the vibrant entertainment for the event, surprising the guests with an extraordinary flamenco dancer performance and a choir of female singers, delighting the invitees with dances in a lively vibe. A gem for all attendees was the opportunity to visit the palace's secret gardens, creating a private moment of enchantment.

Finally, the late party! At midnight, we invited guests to follow us to the old stables, known as “The Horse-Woman”, where we created a cool club and guests danced until the morning to the beats of an international DJ.

The Andalusian-Moorish Party was a unique organizational effort as, being a museum open to the public, we had only 3 hours for setup and 2 hours for teardown. However, thanks to an extraordinary team of wedding planners and exceptional vendors, we were able to bring this extraordinary project to life and make the Party truly unforgettable!

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