17 Giugno 2024

Lake Garda Wedding Journey - Romantic Wedding Ceremony

The magical journey to celebrate Louise & Daniel's wedding proceeded along the gentle shores of Lake Garda where, after the Luxury Welcome Party at Villa Fiordaliso - see our creation Festa Italiana - the wedding day arrived!
Romance was the guest of honor at Louise and Daniel's wedding ceremony at the historic Villa Bettoni on Lake Garda for weddings. Three sumptuous arches of soft pastel flowers, in perfect harmony with the bride's dress studded with tiny flowers, wrapped the guests' gaze and created the atmosphere of absolute romance that framed the wonderful religious ceremony on the sparkling shores of Lake Garda.

In the monumental garden of the 18th-century Rococo villa, which combines grandeur and grace, we redesigned the spaces following the horizontal lines of the garden and created a fairy-tale set up on the blue banks of the lake with three wonderful arches of flowers, ivory carpets, pastel-colored rose petals and elegant white wrought-iron chairs. The bride, welcomed by four violinists in white elegant gowns and on podium, entered with regality and raised strong emotions in groom and guests. The excitement abided with the solemn ceremony, framed by the melody of classical pieces, sung by famous soprano and tenor singers.

White romantic wrought-iron couches with pastel-colored cushions, in line with the color palette of the wedding ceremony, welcomed the guests at the end of the ceremony for the initial toast to the bride and groom. As a surprise, Louise and Daniel left the Lake Garda luxury wedding villa on a vintage Riva boat for weddings and reached Villa Alba for the luxurious wedding reception. The guests, amazed by charming vintage cars ready at the imposing gate of the villa, left Villa Bettoni and reached the fab wedding reception at Villa Alba. If you want to hear the continuation of the story and wish to organize your wedding on Lake Garda - please see our creation Villa Alba.

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