17 Giugno 2024

Destination birthday

Some parties are especially charming, and after so many years spent organizing events, I can easily affirm that birthdays are truly unique and delightful. They offer us the chance to be creative with no liturgy, rules or family expectations to meet. We can celebrate the flow of life with its important milestones. In the last few years, we have helped wonderful women, as well as businesspersons, to celebrate their 40th, 50th, and 60th birthdays, important landmarks that are worthy of festivities.

When we reach these milestones, we want to celebrate with friends and families what life has had in store for us. Therefore, we often look for unique venues to spend a few days relaxing with friends and families, having fun and enjoying the time together.
Because it’s just time that we don’t have enough of; time to be with our loved ones. And birthdays are the best occasion to gather all the people we love.

So off we go! We can select a holiday resort, a hamlet, a large villa, where we can invite friends and families for a long weekend together that will become a memorable event, not just for the party, but also for the experience itself.

DISCOVER HERE a fantastic 3-days birthday party!

Fun is the key word for us. The birthdays we organize have this purpose as haven, having fun. The idea is to create expectation as early as from the invitation cards sent to the guests to the designing of the entertainment, the music, the party favors, the American bar and food that will make the guests feel the freedom of a weekend with no pressure or work obligations.
I could give you a very long list of birthday party details we have created through the years, but I will let the photos speak for themselves, and the word of mouth that has brought us to travel the world with our events. To name a few, tropical settings, black & white settings, train rides for the guests, Yankee-themed parties, a multicolored 500 Fiat tour (imagine how we worked to find 20 different colors), international artists, peacock-clad violinists, acrobats, tenors and sopranos to welcome the guests, unforgettable synchronized fireworks with specially selected soundtracks. Parties at Cinecittà creating the setting of ancient Rome with waiters, staff and guests wearing costumes. Birthdays with VJs playing videos of 1970s and 1980s songs. Magicians and illusionists, international bands, not to mention the backstage perfectly coordinated to develop setting in truly unusual locations.

DISCOVER HERE an elegant birthday in the South of France!

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